Welcome to DVD Classics Corner on the Air! Join your host, Dick Dinman, in a radio (and now web) broadcast of exclusive conversations with golden age film stars and creators of these legendary cinematic classics; updates of classic titles newly released on DVD, breaking news of upcoming releases, Cinemusic, and more!

Simply use the links below to connect to exciting and exclusive celebrity interviews and more:

"And don't call me Shirley!" The 25th Anniversary Edition of Airplane! features exclusive one-on-one interviews with stars Peter Graves and Robert Hays, with lots of laffs.

The legendary Jonathan Winters regales us with intimate life stories and observations, peppered with live clips and frank opinions.

The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, is paid tribute in a complex and highly entertaining audio tribute, packed with interviews, movie clips, cinemusic and a historic "interview" of Hitch by host Dick Dinman!

Veteran film and television actor, musician and great storyteller Chad Everett regales listeners with entertaining tales of the acting craft, working with luminaries and his stints in Mulholland Drive and Anchorman. 

Iconic producer/director Stanley Kramer is paid homage in a memorable show: distinguished guests include Oscar-winning screenwriter Abby Mann; the man with his eye on the sparrow--Mr. Tony Curtis; the inimitable Jonathan Winters and Karen Sharpe Kramer. Hear first-hand accounts of working with one of Hollywood's boldest, most outspoken and independent filmmakers. 

 Sam Peckinpah's Major Dundee has been reissued--restored and featuring a powerful new score. Star Michael Anderson, Jr., composer Christopher Caliendo and Dundee expert Glenn Erickson join us, along with clips of both the old and new score, and movie footage.

  Angie Dickinson makes her second appearance on our show, regaling us with tales of working with the Duke, De Palma and Sinatra. Lots of movie soundclips and great tales. A brief visit by the "Henry Higgins of Hollywood," dialect coach/actor Robert Easton finishes the show.

  Chad Everett guests in our tribute to the immortal Robert Taylor. Hear on-set anecdotes and hilarious inside jokes, as we walk through Chad's career and unique experiences acting on film and tv--from Johnny Tiger to Anchorman and Mulholland Drive

  John Phillip Law, international film star and cult film icon; outrageous tales of working with Otto Preminger, plus the making of Danger Diabolik and Barbarella

  William Wellman, Jr.; Robert Easton and Karen Sharpe, all in an exclusive conversation (with lots of bonus material) about John Wayne's "The High and the Mighty"

Sally Struthers --from prime time to Broadway, a life of performance

Tony Curtis --meet the Tony Curtis you never knew...

Angie Dickinson --vibrant and beautiful, Angie reveals much about the great film Point Blank, directed by John Boorman and costar Lee Marvin with many special excerpts.

Kathryn Grant Crosby --aka Mrs. Bing Crosby, with a long film history of her own

Anne Jeffreys --memories of a film noir queen

Stanley Rubin --producer of classic noir films

Karl Malden --venerable, award-winning, fascinating

Gene Barry  --star of "Forty Guns," the original "War of the Worlds"

John Ericson --you know him from classic Westerns and of course, "Bad Day at Black Rock" with Spencer Tracy

Coleen Gray --star of "Nightmare Alley," worked in Kubrick's 1st film




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